Benefits of a Neighborhood Association

The City of Tucson has nearly 150 officially recognized neighborhoods within the city limits.

Neighborhood associations give residents a voice, serving as an advocate and strengthening communication to ensure our elected representatives hear our perspective on matters that impact our quality of life and our investments.

Importantly, they provide a structure for neighbors to come together to discuss common concerns and solutions, whether it’s making the neighborhood safer for pedestrians to beautification projects and zoning issues.

Neighborhood associations are not homeowners associations. Homeowners associations are formed by a developer and provide a framework for the maintenance of a specific area’s common grounds and amenities. All homeowners are compelled to follow certain codes, covenants and restrictions in exchange for living in an area and are typically required to pay association dues.

Participation in a neighborhood association, on the other hand, is voluntary and dues are voluntary. A neighborhood association help shape an area’s identity by giving neighbors a way to come together to get to know each other, collaborate and propose solutions.

Among other benefits, registered neighborhoods are:

  • afforded legal standing and have rights in certain criminal cases. For example, the Neighborhood Protection Act allows cities to keep registered neighborhoods informed of certain court proceedings as they relate to certain crimes such as prostitution, drug sales and graffiti, and make a statement during sentencing hearings.
  • notified of liquor license applications in our area
  • made aware of planning, transportation or other city issues that may affect the area
  • provided assistance in broadening communication among residents through mailings and meeting space
  • given assistance with clean-ups, from one-time annual postcard notification to roll-off containers and even tools and supplies as available

Overall, registered neighborhoods are an important part of sharing civic pride and building relationships as we partner with city leaders and one another.