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Announcement: Free Painting Party on Saturday, February 11th from 10am-noon. At the labyrinth in the Langley Ave. parcel just East of Palo Verde Park. Supplies provided while they last!

Palo Verde Park Post

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Upcoming Meetings & Events

Sat. Feb. 11th10am-12pm
Family Painting Park @ Labyrinth (East side of Palo Verde Park)
Sun. March 26th 2-6pm
Park Fest! Free music in the Park 2-6pm @ Palo Verde Park

About Palo Verde Park Neighborhood

The Palo Verde Park Neighborhood Association was founded in 2018 by midtown neighbors seeking to build a stronger community through civic engagement, collaboration and connection. Our neighborhood, which spans an area from Broadway Blvd. to 22nd St., and from Kolb Road to Wilmot Road, is comprised of six subdivisions: Riviera Estates, Old Pueblo Estates, Manana Vista, Yale Estates, Miramonte Terrace, and Glen Heather Estates.

Our neighborhood draws its name from Palo Verde Park, which is the central core and heartbeat of the neighborhood. It reflects the importance we place on qualify of life, from our ability to interact with nature to our ability to interact with one another in a shared space.

5 Ways You Can Help Our Neighborhood Today!

1. Join Our Watering Effort
The trees in the water harvesting basins and the young native plants in the pollinator garden need some handwatering support for the next two years. Join our plant hydration team to help water once a week in the summer.
2. Pull a Goathead
They’re pernicious and formidable foes. But they underestimate our commitment.
3. Ask a Neighbor to Sign Up for the Newsletter
The more of us who get involved, the stronger our area will be. We share the latest events and information.
4. Tell a Local Business About the Work We’re Doing
We’re always looking for new sponsorship or partnering opportunities.
5. Use the Park
A well-used and well-loved park is a safe park. The more activities and engagement, the better.

Interested? Drop us a line at [email protected]


Neighborhood Sponsors

Interested in joining the board or volunteering?

This is a huge group effort! If you’re interested in serving on the neighborhood board or just interested in volunteering during one of our events contact us today!